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About Randy Schwantz


Randy is best known as the guy that wrote The Wedge®, How to Stop Selling and Start Winning. It helped solve the #1 problem that most insurance agents face when selling insurance, the power of the incumbent.

Randy has been married for 30 years to Lori, has 4 daughters.

Randy grew up on a farm in Lubbock, Texas.  He believes in hardwork, he learned early that you have to plant in the springtime if you expect to harvest in the fall.

He spent 3 days at Texas Tech University before he decided that a college classroom wasn’t the best way for him to learn.

Randy is the author of 5 books on selling insurance, agency growth and hiring new producers.

Randy got into the technology business in 2009, and has developed what he refers to as ‘ORGANIC GROWTH TECHNOLOGY’. He found that many agencies got crippled by off-the-shelf CRM tools that promised results but actually got in the way of growing revenue.

About the iWin Agency Growth System

The iWin Agency Growth System isn’t just an innovative software, i’ts not just training and it’s not just coaching…it’s all of that.

It’s a complete blueprint for achieving massive sales success, it’s training for sales people and sales leaders.  It’s ORGANIC GROWTH TECHNOLOGY, not just a CRM.  And it comes with an Executive Coach that has one job, help you make it work in your unique agency circumstance.

iWin is a cloud-based solution that runs in your browser so that you can access sales training, reports, pipelines, goals, differentiation, competitive intel, hiring processes, worksheets, workbooks, service timelines and more.  It’s available anywhere, anytime.

If you have come to realize that you can’t just hope things will get better, you have to DRIVE it, then you must check out the iWin Agency Growth System.

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