If Your Producers Are Not Writing Enough New Business to Drive 7% Top Line Growth...read on

iWin – Helps Build High-Performing Producers in 12 Ways


Agency Owner:

-You STILL HAVEN’T established a reliable and consistent, sales driven culture in your agency even though you know it’s the missing piece you desperately need to get your agency revenue and personal income up where it should be.

Sales are stagnant or barely growing despite the fact you’re working 50-60 hours a week.

-You know what you SHOULD be doing to grow your agency, but just can’t seem to IMPLEMENT.

-You’ve hit a plateau and don’t know how to get beyond it.

-You are exhausted by the mountain of problems you’re dealing with and frustrated – maybe even a little disgusted – with the amount of money you are making (or not making) despite your best efforts

-You have an agency that does “OK” but doesn’t come close to meeting your standards of performance

-You are serious about finding ways to grow your agency profitably and without YOU having to do all the work 

There is ONE SYSTEM that was designed specifically to Grow Insurance Agencies, Designed From The Ground Up, To Effectively and Methodically Grow Your Agency Fast.

Why consider us? What’s the difference between us and all our competitors?

It’s simple, we built a technology company to support our 25 year old sales training company. We could have partnered with some well-known CRM or prospect management vendors, but with that would have come significant sacrifices for OUR CLIENTS.

The fact is, there are a lot of sales training firms, and there are a lot of technology companies. When it comes to the insurance business, there is only one firm, The Wedge Group, that like the zipper on a jacket, has pulled both of those pieces (technology & training) together into ONE SYSTEM, making the ability to drive growth and create a sustainable growth culture easier for leadership, and for producers.  As a result, it gets done. 

Agency owner–if you struggle to hire elite producers, build your sales team, and at the same time maintain and grow your own book of business. If you have compiled a hodge-podge of tools and resources as a band-aid to these issues.

If you want a solution built for your insurance agency that provides assistance and guidance for increasing revenue…

If you want processes to help you develop and lead a high performance sales team, with skills training for owners and producers, a pipeline/crm for tracking and accountability, and executive level coaching…

If you want a customized blueprint for doubling your agency revenue… 

Then, here’s your complete system, the iWin Agency Growth System.  


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