CRISP Sales Meeting Training

At the Sales Leader/Coach Training Workshop, I will review with you the 5 core components you must have if you want a high performance agency. These components are essential to your agency’s survival and if you don’t have them or are neglecting them, it will lead to poor performance throughout your agency.

Through the iWinCRM, I will show you how to bring each of the 5 core elements into your agency’s daily operations and change the way you run your agency making it more efficient and profitable. This proven system will motivate your producers, getting them fired up and back in the game of winning! And it will teach you how to help your producers create their own game plan, measure their success and reinforce their winning behaviors while eradicating the ineffective ones.

Your biggest challenge as your agency’s sales leader will be running GREAT sales meetings, those that challenge a producer to build a strategy to BEAT the incumbent. If you want to build a STRONG Growth Culture, it starts with a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE Sales Meeting.

We couldn’t have done it without his coaching and toolkit.

We read Randy’s book at my old agency and were trying to run CRISP sales meetings. Little did I know, I had regressed to my old way of doing it. CRISP sales meetings are unique in how they challenge producers to think about their strategy to “beat” the incumbent. It’s hard work, but it’s very worthwhile. We couldn’t have done it without his coaching and tool kit.

Stephen Geoffray

Chesapeake Insurance Group

I’ve been strategically going through, automatically asking for Red Hot Introductions.

I was doing referrals before only when the opportunity fell in my lap, not a systematic effort. Since your training, I’ve been strategically going through, automatically asking for Red Hot Introductions. Every other person likes doing it….

Pat Kee

Mountain States

In this session, we help you learn how to keep the attention of your producers and more importantly, how to convert their general concepts and statements like; “It’s our markets, our people, our experience” into black and white, rock solid differences that can be used as Wedges to WIN the business.

We will focus on helping you learn how to facilitate these critical processes:


Philosophy and Goal Setting


PreCall Strategy


Red Hot Introductions™


Ladder of Abstraction


Wedge Scripting




Day 1: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (breakfast, lunch and dinner included)

Day 2: 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (breakfast and lunch included)


Raleigh, NC

See you there!

Dedicated to your success,

Randy Schwantz – CEO
The Wedge Group