Financial Advisors Wedge® Workshop

Guess what? The “best practices” for selling financial products to high-net-worth individuals are no longer best practices.

That’s right – the old way of doing business is no longer sufficient or efficient – in getting you where you personally want to go financially.

This time-proven but little-used process (called The Wedge® for the Financial Advisors) is rooted in the realization that the best prospects for financial advisors are the clients of their toughest competition!

TO be a TOP Financial Advisor . . . TO increase your personal income . . . TO grow fast . . . one thing is TRUE! Your best prospects are someone else’s clients! The Wedge® for Financial Advisors by best-selling author, Randy Schwantz, shows financial advisors how to create the Wedge Sales Culture, establish a proactive services sales culture, and create “wedges” for differentiation between you and the competition.

Stop for a moment and imagine what it would be like if you could:

More easily open the door for a meeting with prospects who think they’re doing just fine and don’t need – or want to – make a change.
Know exactly how to prepare for a first sales meeting.
Ask the right questions to drive up fear in your prospect and get them to take you seriously.
Lead the sales interview so that your prospects get the distinct impression that they’re being underserved and consider doing business with you instead.
Know how to present your capabilities and services that will have them actually drooling and begging for more. (Well, maybe not the drooling part.)
Conclude the meeting by actually getting a no-pressure agreement to fire their current advisor!
After winning the account, make it bulletproof so no one down the line ever gets a chance to steal the client away from you!

Sound crazy? It should, because it’s a foreign concept, and very few financial advisors can do it. The only reason why: They simply don’t have the training to do so. And if you act now, you’ll get a leg up on nearly all, if not every last one, of your competitors.

Meet Your Teacher, Mentor and Coach!

Master Growth Coach for over 20 years, Randy Schwantz, author of The Wedge, How to Stop Selling and Start Winning,will help you win lots of new business with this self-contained, self-paced workshop. He has helped thousands of people learn The Wedge™ for various occupations, and is widely acclaimed for showing how a repeatable, almost foolproof process can be used to double your personal income in under three years. Some do it in under two, and a few do it within one!

Learn at Your Convenience!

We know your time is limited and that you may only have a few minutes a day to grasp, practice and implement new concepts. That’s why we’ve broken down the training into easily-digestible chunks of only a few minutes each. Do one a day or every few days…it’s up to you. You can do the whole thing in one intense day, if that’s what you want.

The best thing is, you’ll be able to retain access to the training to refresh your memory or dig a bit deeper into the material. The only catch is that you’ll need to have access to a computer. (Granted, that’s not much of a catch, but we had to come up with something!)

Never Get Rolled Again: Does This Sound Familiar?

You finally score a meeting with a prospect that you’ve been chasing for a while. Even though the prospect is somewhat resistant during the first appointment, he/she promises to give you a shot at their business. During the presentation the prospect tells you that things are “definitely looking in your favor.” A week passes, and your follow-up phone calls go unreturned. You leave a few voicemails. Finally, you get the dreaded voicemail saying they’re going to stay with their current advisor because he/she is a long-time friend. To soften the blow, they say they like you and invite you to “keep in touch.”

Guess what? You just got rolled. Back to reworking your book of business and trying to make your nut for the month.

That’s usually the way it goes

when you try to sell against an incumbent relationship.

Well, Just Say “Never again!”

Introducing the brand-new…

The Wedge® for Financial Advisors Workshop


The main objective of The Wedge Sales Process™ is to teach you to break incumbent relationships to win new business.

Just look at this amazing curriculum:

Selling is Like Flying (Why you’re often crashing and burning)

Survey Results (What nearly all advisors say, and how to set yourself apart from them)

Major Components of Business (Price, product and service)

What Motivates People (Fear of loss and desire to gain)

Ladder of Abstraction (How to get specific about your differentiated services)

Know Your Competition (Begin to develop an edge)

Pre-Call Strategy (What you say on an introductory sales call is critical)

Knowledge is Power (What you don’t know can put you at a big disadvantage)

The Rules of the Wedge® (You’ve got to enroll to learn about these!)

The Wedge® – 5 Step Overview (Same here!)

Fish Net Questions (Get a prospect to come up with a top-of-mind issue)

Qualifying Questions (Is your specific service needed by the prospect?)

Picture Perfect (Drive a wedge between your prospect and current advisor)

The Take Away (Get the prospect emotionally involved)

The Wedge® Process Map (Begin to put it all together)

The Wedge® Sales Call (What you need to do to get client interest snowballing)

The Vision Box (Make the solutions real for the prospect)

Replay (Verify buy-in to their problems and your solutions)

White Flag (How to get commitment without pressuring)

Rehearsal rules (Get a commitment to fire the incumbent advisor)

Rehearsal (Make sure the prospect can follow through and hire you!)

The Wedge® for Financial Advisors – in a Nutshell

Do the work to discover where you are strong and your competition is weak.

Exploit the competition’s weaknesses to get your prospects to see how they are being underserved.

Ensure you can meet the prospects’ needs. Test your prospects’ ability to fire the incumbent and hire you.

Yes, Randy! I want The Wedge®!

What You Get

Complete access to 27 video training modules that you can access as frequently as you like. ($1495.00)

One 40+ page workbook that accompanies the training, which you can use for note-taking, exercises, and brainstorming. ($195.00)

The Wedge® Workshop Recipe Cards ($45.00)

The Wedge® Process Advisor Worksheet ($45.00)

The Wedge® for Financial Advisors Book ($38.75)

The Wedge for Financial Advisors $1818.75

You Get All This For: $795!

Single-Payment Option: One-time payment of $795 now.

Multi-Payment Option: $147.50/month: One payment of $147.50 now, and $147.50 for 5 additional months.


You Are Protected By Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

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My Iron-Clad, 100% “You-Can’t-Lose” DOUBLE Guarantee: I’m so confident that this program will help you take sales away from incumbent financial advisors, enabling you to increase sales and deliver the results I’m promising, that I’ll back it up with a DOUBLE guarantee.

ribbonGuarantee #1: 365-Day Trial, 100% Money-Back Guarantee: I want to give you one full year (365 days) to use this system and see for yourself just how powerful and amazing it is. Watch the training videos. Read the manual. Put it to work for YOU. Use it to generate more clients by winning them away from their current advisors. If you are not completely head-over-heels thrilled with the content and the results, I insist that you return it to me for a full, prompt, no-questions asked refund. No hassle, no problems, no payment.

Guarantee #2: Ten-Times-Your-Investment Two-Year Guarantee: After the first year, you will STILL have another full year to use the materials and strategies in the Workshop. If after this you can show me that you have implemented the basic processes and it didn’t make back 10 times your investment – that’s over $8,000 in new sales, that you wouldn’t have made otherwise – just send all of the materials back to my office and I’ll issue you a full and complete refund when we receive it. After all, if the Workshop doesn’t deliver the results I’m promising, I don’t deserve to keep your money. I will buy it back from you and refund every penny you paid for it. All I ask is that you show me proof that you actually used at least 3 of the strategies outlined in the kit.