August 7-9, 2018

Cary, NC

The Wedge® 3-In-1 Workshop

Break Through the Invisible Barrier Holding You Back!

In 2 and 1/2 days, we will show you how to get more PROSPECTS, increase your closing ratio, and stand out from the competition!

What is holding you back from Growing Your Book, Growing Your Income and having more of the things you want in your life?

If you want to go from sub-sonic to Super-Sonic, create your own Sonic Boom; and get on a 3 year path to doubling your personal income, I’ll show you how, guaranteed!

Discover how-to details and strategies for fast, measureable sales success. All of this real-world experience is grounded in rigorous research and is taught by Randy Schwantz, who faced your same challenges. This workshop is all the lessons learned along the way to becoming a top million dollar producer.

The Certified Wedge Trainer Program

The Wedge® sales process is unique, because it teaches you how to “bust the incumbent relationship.”

It adds a missing component to the popular “consultative” selling processes.

It’s been used effectively in many verticals such as the Insurance industry, Technology, Financial Services, and Telecommunications to name a few.

It increases closing ratios by more than 20% on average.

Financial Advisors Wedge® Workshop

Guess what? The “best practices” for selling financial products to high-net-worth individuals are no longer best practices.

That’s right – the old way of doing business is no longer sufficient or efficient – in getting you where you personally want to go financially.

This time-proven but little-used process (called The Wedge® for the Financial Advisor) is rooted in the realization that the best prospects for financial advisors are the clients of their toughest competition!

TO be a TOP Financial Advisor . . . TO increase your personal income . . . TO grow fast . . . one thing is TRUE! Your best prospects are someone else’s clients! The Wedge for Financial Advisors by best-selling author, Randy Schwantz, shows financial advisors how to create the Wedge Sales Culture, establish a proactive services sales culture, and create “wedges” for differentiation between you and the competition.

The Wedge® for Technology Workshop

Stop losing sales and start winning over your competition’s client’s…Simultaneously

Think of the contracts you lost just in the last twelve months alone – you know, the ones you really could have won. How much do they add up to – tens of thousands or perhaps even hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Imagine what it would feel like – right now – if you had simply closed one-fourth, one-third or even one-half of those sales?

Things would be a lot better, right? You’d probably have to worry a lot less about:

  • Hitting the next payroll
  • This month’s sales numbers
  • Losing your even less-than-desirable clients because you need the revenue
  • How to price the next job so you won’t lose it, even though it compromises your company’s long-term viability

Now imagine what it would be like if you were able to almost magically wrangle part of your competition’s client list away from them? How much would that be worth in real dollars, and what would that do for your confidence level?

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