Sales meetings should train Producers to think and act differently…leading to better and faster wins for your agency!

They Are Your Touchstones For Developing & Sustaining a Truly Successful Sales & Accountability Culture


CRISP Sales Meetings provide you with a tremendously effective strategy for improving productivity and efficiency.

A proven solution for keeping your agency mission and growth on track.

With the iWin Agency Growth System’s CRISP Sales Meeting Process, you will put an end to rehashing the same old prospecting opportunities and hearing—for the umpteenth time—those empty promises that everyone knows will go unfulfilled.

(CRISP = Continuous and Rapid Improvement Sales Process)

Now you will be able to:

EDUCATE and keep your producer focused on the key differences that set your agency apart.

TRANSFORM your abstract differences into concrete and overwhelmingly attractive features to the prospect.

BUILD Picture Perfect Wedges to improve sales calls.

GAIN powerful introductions and learn how to tell a better story that will open more doors.

What is a CRISP Sales Meeting?

A CRISP sales meeting gives your producer the tools he or she needs to close more sales.

This is a specific conversation we’ve developed that details the interaction between the sales manager/owner and the producer, so the producer becomes crystal clear on why prospects need their particular agency—and exactly which unique agency competitive advantages can be emphasized to achieve a successful close.

These strategic sales meetings provide you with the framework for decisive, motivated, and positive action—a critical step to setting your team on the path to victory. We’ve found over and over again that CRISP sales meetings are the touchstone that agencies need for developing and sustaining a truly successful sales and accountability culture.

CRISP Sales Meetings are measurably more effective at driving new revenue because they educate producers and help them articulate their differences to prospects in a simpler and more powerful way.

CRISP Sales Meetings are inspiring, and help keep producers from becoming absorbed in disempowering thought processes that lead to rote, meaningless and uninspired actions. At the end of the day you need to prevent new account opportunities from slipping through the cracks, and that’s what CRISP Sales Meetings do.

Combine CRISP Sales Meetings with iWin’s incredible CRM features and you have a formula for rapid sales success. Take the “Why Do They Need You” area on the iWin Opportunity page, for example. This grounds producers in your agency’s advantages—which becomes an “unfair” secret weapon when it’s time to speak to a prospect. “Unfair” because these are the exact triggers you need to help alleviate prospect pain and win them over to your way of thinking!

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

Key Features

edit_32pxPREPARE the producer to understand and articulate “what they do that the incumbent doesn’t” with the iWin Precall Strategy.

genius_32pxTRANSFORM your general or abstract differences into solid processes that differentiate the producer and help them win more business with the Ladder of Abstraction. Your agency’s market relationships, knowledge, experience, loss control, claims management, contract reviews, and more become powerful features that set your producer apart from the competition.

search_32pxBUILD a library of differences and convert your processes into Picture Perfect Wedges to dramatically improve sales calls with the Wedge Development features.

profile-male_32pxHELP your producer build a list of prospects the client knows and can introduce him or her to with Red Hot Introductions™. Your producer will win more introductions and open more doors—faster than you would ever believe.

“Prior to adopting Randy’s iWin system, we were “business as usual” including making presentations based solely on coverage and price.  After attending the iWin training, we realized Randy’s iWin system is much more than the Wedge training.  Over the past 20 months, we have re-evaluated the way we approach new business clients, run sales meetings, hired new producers as well as establishing proactive service standards for our existing clients.  The iWin program has had an immensely positive and profound effect on our organization.”

Glenn D. Burcham

Arthur Hall Insurance, West Chester, Pennsylvania

iWin Features

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