Train Your Producers to be MORE Effective Competitively.


There are only three ways to make money in the agency business:

You can:

1. Win new accounts
2. Retain the clients you have now
3. Increase the number of products your clients purchase.

iWin helps you maximize your performance in all three areas.

In most agencies, the word “training” means only the courses required to get producers their continuing education credits.

Sales training is critical to your agency’s success

In sports, athletes have to consistently train just to stay at their current fitness level. If they want to actually improve, they’ve got to push to make themselves faster, stronger, smarter or more agile. The same strategy applies to your producers.

If you want to beat the competition and win more business, you need the right training approach. World class talent requires world class training and that’s what you get with the iWin Agency Growth System.

First your team will discover how to become better salespeople by asking the right questions and then listening to the answers. Then your producers will learn the same sales tactics that have made our clients millions of dollars in profits within a few short years.

Sales processes and strategies have to be refined, improved and enhanced to keep everyone at the top of their game. That’s why the sales leaders in iWin organizations are trained personally by Randy Schwantz, the world’s leading expert on creating agency growth. Randy will walk you step-by-step through the iWin and Wedge processes and how you can get your staff up and running towards bigger profits, faster than you would ever believe.

With built-in 24/7 training and a library full of of executive-level training videos that you can access directly from your computer, now you have everything you need to train your producers for faster and more dynamic growth.

Key Features

Here Are The Core Training Programs For Creating Million Dollar Producers™:

The Wedge®
– learn how to create a more effective sales culture and create “wedges” that drive out the competition and win more business.

Red Hot Introductions™
– there’s a better way for gaining referrals and closing them and we’ll show you exactly how it’s done.

Million Dollar Producer™
– want to double your book of business in three years with half as many accounts? We’ll give you all the tools and training that has helped our clients do exactly that.

Wedge Review
– take a deep dive into the process that has made our clients millions and turn your knowledge into real skills that will transform your business.

– learn how to deal with objections and obstacles at closing time.

Appointment Setting
– create compelling reasons for prospects to meet with you and start getting more sales meetings now.

Discover The Core Training Program That Creates Massively Successful Sales Managers:

Million Dollar Producer™
– how to double YOUR personal income in 3 years with half the accounts.

The Wedge®
– learn to stop selling and start winning.

Red Hot Introductions™
– there’s a better way for gaining referrals and closing them and we’ll show you exactly how it’s done.

5 Steps To Extraordinary Growth
– these 5 steps will help you break through the barriers that have held back your agency growth and start hitting your targets with ease.

Running CRISP Sales Meetings

Precall Strategy
– understand and articulate what your agency does that the incumbent doesn’t so you convert more business.

Ladder of Abstraction
– transform your general differences to concrete advantages that set you apart from the competition.

Writing Wedges
– learn how to create a “wedge” that will push out the incumbent and win the account for your business.

Hiring New Producers
– learn where to find the best talent, how to attract them, hire them, and turn them into your next Million Dollar Producer™.

How To Create a Sales Culture
– turn your agency into a laser-focused profit machine by creating a culture of winners.

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