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Many Agency Owners have been sold a panacea that turned out to be a nightmare.  There are over 1,000 CRM tools on the market today, and 3 of them have become ‘name brands'.  They are, Microsoft Dynamics and Sugar CRM.  

Each of these products are infinitely customizable, virtually household brands, and supported by 100's of consultants that want to help you make it work in your agency.  

There are 1,000's of smaller companies building products that bolt onto to these platforms offering solutions for anything you can imagine.  If you are absolutely certain what you want from a tool such as this, perhaps any one of them could be a good deal.  If you DO NOT know exactly what you want, you could easily be buying a never-ending nightmare of fee's on top of fee's, while it kills growth instead of drives it.  As in all things, Caveat Emptor, buyer beware. 

The iWin Agency Growth System was developed after spending 18 years in an agency environment.
Each specific element was developed to solve a growth problem in an insurance agency.
-Problems such as poor pipeline management, poor prospecting habits, empty funnels.
-Liars club sales meetings, reviewing list of prospects but never digging int the meat of the account and developing a “shock and awe” strategy to beat the incumbent.
-Unmotivated producers that don't prospect consistently, don't sell much, aren't growing their books and have flat-lined.
-Difficulty in finding and hiring “new producer” talent that can and will sell.
-Developing differences that stand up to the competition in a way that impresses the prospect and overpowers the competition (not just good people, good reputation, great carrier relationships, good service).
-No Accountability, no consequences for poor performance, sending a message to all; it's ok to sit on your book and perfect your golf game.

Great Producers, like Great Athletes will never stop needing guidance, training and coaching.  The question is as the General Manager, Head Coach…what role will you play?

Will you hire them and tell them good luck, or do you plan on creating a Championship Team?

Championship teams have discipline, regimens, playbooks, training, keeping of stats, keep of score, pressure to Win.

You have choices and here they are:

1) Do it Yourself.  There is no doubt you have the intelligence and drive to create any tools, resource, training that you want.  If your time warrants it, it's the least expensive way to go.  And, considering that 90% of your competitors have found a way to survive by using excel spreadsheets, you can keep that regimen going too.  You are an official do-it-yourselfer.  Congratulations and good luck.

2) Hire a Sales Trainer.  There are a lot of sales trainers, some understand insurance, some don't.  You might not care if they know that the incumbent is the #1 problem in selling new business.  And, you might not even agree that the incumbent is the real problem.  You could still be convinced that better coverage and cheaper price is the name of the game.  Either way, it's a choice you get to make, and there are plenty of them to choose from.

3) Buy a CRM.  There are a lot of agencies that have chosen this route, contract with one of the Big 3, hire a consultant and do their best to turn that investment and work into more Top Line Growth.  In almost all cases, producer adoption is less than 10%.

4) Do Nothing (and sell the the highest offer).  Frankly, this is what the majority of independent agencies are doing, nothing.  Their growth is flat and they are selling to the aggregators (funded by private equity) at record paces. And, who can blame you.  The multiples are huge, maybe better than they will ever be.    

5) iWin Agency Growth System.  The iWin Agency Growth System, Helps Build High Performance Producers 12 Ways,  is by no means right for every agency.  Admittedly, it takes work to change your culture, train your producers, drive activity, create accountability, recruit and hire newbies and grow your agency.  The long term rewards are enormous, even the short term rewards are generally 20 times greater than the investment.   

So decide… do it yourself all the way down to the iWin Agency Growth System.  You can explore it now… just click the button right below. 

Why Do Most CRM's Fall Woefully Short of What's Promised?

Most CRM products are designed to help your producers become more productive, save time, and make more money… so why do they always seem to fall short? The problem is that they aren’t built specifically for the insurance industry. The iWin Agency Growth System, on the other hand, is built for you. Take a look under the hood and you’ll see why this makes a world of difference. First of all, iWin takes the concept of efficiency to a whole new level with features you and your producers are going to love. Our 4-Bucket System, for example, makes managing prospects easy with:

  • Suspects – these are leads where all you have is a name.
  • Prospects – these are your best prospects and here you can track renewal date, account size, who the incumbent is, and more. This is your best list to call and make appointments.
  • In Action – this is your “money list” and it’s stocked with prospects you are working on actively.
  • Customer – here’s where you can track retention and introductions for gaining more referral business.

With iWin you have one smart system for tracking all of the information that matters, including prospects, renewal dates, incumbent information, cross-selling opportunities and much, much more. With all your data so easily available, fewer prospects will fall through the cracks and your producers will be closing more business.

Key Features to Create a Robust and Reliable Pipeline

  • DEVELOP a Winning Pre-Call Strategy – learn exactly what to say to start wedging out the incumbent and win more business.
  • BOOST Sales with Ideal Prospect Targeting – discover exactly who you should be targeting so your conversion rates go through the roof.
  • IMPROVE Efficiency – remove the bottlenecks in your program that have been holding you back.
  • IDENTIFY New Business Opportunities – there are tons of cross-selling opportunities, new introductions and more just waiting for your producers to capitalize on them. Bottom line: there’s a lot of money on the table and iWin helps you go get it.
  • AUTOMATE to Dramatically Improve Productivity – iWin helps you turn your business processes to autopilot so you can focus on what matters the most—closing more accounts.
  • IMPROVE Producer Decision-Making – now your producers can see exactly where the best opportunities are and what strategies they need to capitalize on them.
  • STRENGTHEN Prospect Relationships – better relationships = better business, it’s that simple.
  • GAIN Dynamic Reporting and Tracking – get access to all the data you need to make better business decisions every single day.
  • START Using Convenient and Mobile Solutions For Your Business – iWin is accessible from any computer or mobile device.

“We Are MUCH Better Prepared For Prospect Meetings”

We weren’t getting the results that we wanted from the previous sales training program. We chose iWin since, compared to other options, it appeared to be the best program to assist us in getting to the next level, particularly with respect to new business, an area where we had been struggling.

What I like about iWin and The Wedge Sales Process is that it enables us to really dig into how their current broker is servicing them or (hopefully) not servicing them and get that buyer to see that there’s a better way. Our producers are on board and being trained in this process. With all the training videos that are available and with the components of iWin, we are much better prepared. We can then question the prospect on what they’re getting and what they’re not. That’s when the light goes off in their head and they say “hello, yeah we like our current guy, he’s nice but he’s not doing what you’re doing and what you’re doing makes a heck of a lot of sense so I think it’s time for a change.” And that’s really exciting. We’re clear we’re headed in the right direction and I’m very optimistic about the future.

Pre-Call Strategy in the Prospect Management module has helped us better prepare and focus on upcoming prospect meetings. We only get so many “at-bats”, we better be prepared!

The ability to watch and replay the videos is invaluable, particularly for new producers.

Rusty Magner

Meeker Magner

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