The Middle 60% of Your Producers is a Gold Mine

The Middle 60% of Your Producers is a Gold Mine

LeadershipThe top 20% of your Producers are great sales people. They consistently produce and carry the agency year in and year out. 

Then there is the bottom 20% of producers. Excluding the newbies, the rest are misclassified. They aren’t REAL Producers because they lack the drive to be successful.

You can train the bottom 20%. Give them a plan that causes them to either grow or quit. If they hit their numbers, congratulate them (and yourself).

As an agency owner, your gold is buried in the middle 60% of your producers. These are the Producers that you can make a huge impact on their lives and financial independence. 

They are usually…

  • Neither your best nor your worst,
  • Reasonably smart,
  • Somewhat driven, or they’d be at the bottom.

There is potential here and you can turn it into profit for your producer and your agency; however, you have one big problem… The middle 60% never intended to grow big books and make a lot of money.

For the most part, they don’t have goals beyond whatever you are asking them to provide, so they have no reason to bust their hump and go conquer the world. Generally they are pretty happy with themselves, making more money than their parents and most of their friends; and are patting themselves on the back, feeling really successful, in relationship to their point of reference.

The middle 60% compare themselves to those who have done less, not to their potential, their undeveloped capability. No one has ever helped them take the time to write down their goals to achieve their dreams.

As the leader, you could do this. As you do these things, you are turning on the Growth Activators; you are Turning Potential into Profit

Having Unmotivated Producers is a Leadership Problem

Help them think about their goals, their future, their family and their retirement fund. And write down a plan of how to get them there.

Leaders don’t just ask ‘how much money do you want to make this year?’  They help their team set specific goals based on what the producers want for their life. Leaders influence producers by doing goal setting that integrates the future with the now. It’s your job to help bring their intrinsic motivation into crystal clear focus.

To grow your agency you need motivated producers.

For the average person to be motivated, they have to be in a motivating environment.

Outside forces cause them to think about what they want. The outside forces set up rules; do this and you write new business, do this and you get rewards, do this and you keep your job. Outside forces come from having a great Sales Culture.

Inside forces make them think about “How much money will I have to make and save to take care of those most important to me?”

As the leader, your biggest challenge now is helping them to vividly comprehend that their future is being created today. And that future is in direct proportion to their savings ability over the next 20-year period.

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