Insurance Sales Training Books

Written by Randy Schwantz

Agency Growth Machine
Agency Growth Machine

Build a Sales Culture in your agency and it will produce an amazing amount of wealth for both you and your producers. Forgo that effort, and you will struggle month to month to find your way. In this book Randy will reveal his proven system and help YOU take control of your destiny and build a true Sales Culture in your agency

GRIT Find, Hire and Develop REAL Producers

Dig into the psyche of a REAL Producer and how you can determine that before you make the commitment, not after, spending $100,000s of lost producer payroll and overhead expenses.


If you want a proven playbook to Find, Hire, and Develop REAL Producers – this book is your solution.

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The Wedge®
The Wedge

Get the book that revolutionized an industry. The Wedge by best-selling author, Randy Schwantz, shows Insurance sales professionals how to create the Wedge Sales Culture, establish a proactive services sales culture, and create “wedges” between you and the competition. 

A must read for anyone serious about sales.

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Red Hot Introductions™
Red Hot Introductions™

Do you know the difference between a referral and an introduction? Industry best-selling author Randy Schwantz explains the difference and shows readers how to leverage client success to get in front of more qualified, quality prospects.


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Agency Growth 3-Book Bundle: 


Agency Growth Machine + GRIT Find Hire Develop REAL Producers + The Wedge® – 10% off

Agency Growth Machine
The Wedge®

Build a Winning Sales Culture in your agency, one that will produce an amazing amount of wealth for both you and your producers. 


These 3 must-read books provide you with the most comprehensive system to help you find hire and develop candidates into Million Dollar Producers and grow your agency. In fact, these books are required reading for our elite team of Bignition Agencies – that is how strongly we feel about them.

You need a process and a system.

If not ... how else are you going to get where you want to be? You'll be looking three to five years from now, still sitting where you are after you've already spent a boatload of money with no success to show for it.”

Jamie Noe
CEO @ Insurance Group of America

*For Insurance Agents + Producers*

Producer Revenue Boost 2-Book Bundle:


The Wedge® + Red Hot Introductions™ – 10% off

The Wedge®
Red Hot Introductions™

The secret is out — Get in your Target Prospects Door Faster, Win the Business Easier, and Double Your Take-Home Pay with these proven selling strategies.



Boost your revenue today with this specially priced book bundle and Save 10% when you buy these 2 game changing books together.

Within 30 days of pulling the trigger on this deal, we're up to $115K in revenue by AORs. We haven’t perfected anything, and I don’t have an office full of Producers that can go through the whole Wedge procedure spot on. But it’s just the concepts of what Randy teaches and a little bit of direct coaching here and there -- and voila, we’re off to a great start.”

Jared Pitts
VP @ Galveston Insurance Associates

For competitive agency leaders who want to dominate.

Are you an Agency Owner with 4-10+ Producers?

(And need a system to train & develop them?)