New Producer Hiring: #1 Reason for only 56% Success Rate

New Producer Hiring: #1 Reason for only 56% Success Rate

“The Navy knows, that to ensure they have the RIGHT person for the job, they have to put their candidates through all kinds of mental and physical challenges. And so do you…” – Randy Schwantz

(June 17, 2016, Nashville, TN: Continued from last blog)

Fred hired Bob because he liked him.  He thought he knew him after playing golf and having lunch, but he didn’t.  He just thought he did.

Bob wasn’t trying to hide anything.  He would have never left his current job if he really knew what he had to do to be successful as a producer.

Fred made 3 hiring mistakes:

Mistake 1:

When Bob told Fred he was already a salesman, Fred just accepted it as, “he must be able to prospect, sell and win business.”

Unfortunately, there are lots of different types of salespeople.  Bob sold, but it was more of a territory sales position.  He had inherited another person’s territory when that person was promoted to a manager in a large company.  Basically, Bob, was a territory rep, calling on the same folks over and over, taking orders.  (Not really a salesperson). But, he thought of himself as a salesperson.

Bob has never made more than 2-3 cold calls in his life…he’s not a prospector, and Fred never asked. Huge mistake for Fred.

Mistake 2:

If Fred had to vouch for whether Bob was a good golfer he could do that.  Time and time again, he saw Bob tee it up, take a slow steady back swing, then fire his hips, and the ball would fly… 285-300 yards.  He saw Bob’s iron play and also his putting elegance.

Bob could play golf and Fred had evidence.

But Fred had practically ZERO evidence that Bob could prospect and sell.

Fred does not know what evidence he’s even looking for even though he too has been a salesperson over half of his life.

That was mistake #2, no evidence.

There is another fatal mistake… but no time for that now.

For a 4-step evidence based hiring process, watch this video below.

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