“No one really wants a new producer. What you really want is a person that can, and will develop a Million Dollars of Revenue, and do it profitably.” – Randy Schwantz

Agency owners struggle with recruiting new producers because they have an identity crisis…

The insurance business is a great business. Get over your identity crisis and then create a pitch to get your candidates fired up so they'll want to produce for you. That's how you recruit great producers.

Did you know most people in the insurance industry get into the business on accident? Unlike an accountant, doctor, or lawyer, you don't need to have a big time degree to be in the business.


The average family physician made $169,111 in 2016.
The average lawyer made $80,655 in 2016.
The average dentist made $124,515 in 2016.

To be a doctor, lawyer or dentist you need a very expensive education. You are chained to your desk or office for long hours every day.

A producer with a $500,000 book, making 35% commission makes $175,000 a year.
A producer with $600,000 book, making 30% commission makes $180,000 a year.
A producer with $750,000 book, making 25% commission makes $187,500 a year.

Learn to sell that to your candidates and you’ll become a great recruiter with people standing in line to talk to you.