The most important business event you’ll ever attend.

Become a Million Dollar Producer and double your income!

Adopt the Wedge Selling Process and triple your close rate!

Fill your pipeline with Red Hot Introductions from your best clients!


Increase Your Closing Rate to 60% or More

The typical closing rate for most producers is between 20-30%. However, producers who adopt the The Wedge selling process typically close 55-75% of the opportunities they quote. 

Since Randy wrote The Wedge: How to Stop Selling and Start Winning in 1998, he’s trained thousands of producers on his step-by-step sales process that shows you how to get your competition fired (without saying anything bad about them) while building concrete value propositions.


Double Your Personal Income In 3 Years Or Less

When you leave this event you’ll have a proven plan to help you DOUBLE your personal INCOME in 3 years or less with HALF the accounts you have now!

Randy’s popular Million Dollar Producer (MDP) framework has helped hundreds of producers over the last 25 years do just that. You’ll also discover why you’re likely underfunding your retirement and get motivated and inspired to follow the MDP Formula so you can double your income in the next few years.


Get Flooded with Introductions from Top Clients

You will walk away from this workshop knowing exactly how to gently and professionally ask your clients to introduce you to their friends and business associates. 


You’ll find out why everything you learned about the traditional way of asking for referrals doesn’t work (which is why almost no one ever does it). Instead, you’ll learn a simpler and easier way to get introduced to great prospects.

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Randy Schwantz

About Randy Schwantz

Agents like to win and they want to win. But, most weren’t taught how to win, they were taught how to quote. They were getting killed by the incumbent agent. 



All that changed when Randy Schwantz wrote The Wedge. He taught producers how to get their Competition Fired (without saying anything bad about them). He’s now a speaker, author and trainer. He also developed iWin CRM, what many call the only technology they’d ever use to drive growth in their agency.