If You're Tired of Managing a Team of Low Performing Producers...You're in the Right Place

If you suffer from too many producers that have just given up and are retired in place

If you're struggling because the new producers you've hired don't have the drive to prospect every day and they aren't selling enough to validate on schedule…

If you're just plain MAD about the lack of production, low closing ratios and small accounts being written by many of your main-stream producers…

Then you're at the right place…and here's why.  You can turn your agency into an Organic Growth Machine starting right now.

Randy Schwantz

Founder & Consultant, The Wedge Group


It’s really hard to find producers. We’ve tried to hire college grads, they don’t work. We’ve hired producers with experience from other agencies, they don’t work.


We say we are different because we’ve got good people, provide good service, have great carrier relationships and really care about our clients. We struggle with this.


My producers waste too much time and a lot of our internal resources quoting insurance that they don't have a chance of winning.


We don’t have enough producers out prospecting and knocking on doors of new accounts.


Too many of our producers feel that if they make $100,000 a year, they are rock stars. I can’t get them motivated to go write more new business.


My producers are loaded with small accounts and I can’t get them out of the office prospecting. It’s killing our ability to grow.

Solve These Problems and You're On Your Way to Solving Your Growth Problems

But, there are two very obvious challenges- time and money.

No time to improve.  No time to think about it.  No time to develop training. No time to improve sales meeting skills.  No time to help producers set meaningful goals.

So, you could hire a sales manager.  That’s an expensive option ($100,000 low side, $200,000 for someone your producers will respect). But how do you get a return on that investment?

And, you could hire a headhunter to find new producers.  At an average of $15,000 per hire…and for an additional $10,000 to $15,000 some have resources and offer to train them first year.

And, then you can hire a sales trainer and fly them to town.  Average daily rate for a decent trainer is about $5,000 daily. The really talented trainers charge $10,000 plus a day.

Next you need to buy or rent a pipeline tool.  You can get that for about $50 to $100 per month per user.

Add it all up and it’s pretty expensive, maybe even so expensive you just decide to procrastinate, wait, postpone decisions, buy a few books and try to do it yourself.

You give it a year, hope things will change- the market will harden, the economy improve, a producer will have a change of heart and life will improve.  But, for the most part it won’t, the 6 Big Problems still exist…and you’re ready for a change.

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