3 Strategies to DOUBLE Agency Revenue

*Webinar for Insurance Agency Principals & Owners

Randy Schwantz shows you a 3-Step Playbook to grow your revenue FAST

3 Strategies to DOUBLE 

Your Agency Revenue

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Is your revenue growing more than 3-5% every year?

You're an ambitious agency owner motivated to grow your business. 

But has your agency's growth been stagnant for a while now?

If you're frustrated not knowing how to motivate your . . .

The truth is you have what it takes to grow your agency.

You just need a simplified playbook to do it faster.

In this free, live online training, Randy Schwantz shows you 3 strategies to grow your agency revenue — based NOT on chance, but on true transformation.

  • Retired-in-place veterans who won't budge . . .
  • Mid-tier Producers not living up to their potential . . .
  • Newbies who haven't validated yet . . .

After working with over 300 agencies, ranging from mom-and-pop agencies under a million in revenue to billion dollar behemoth's ...

I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly.

And I'm in a unique position to show you exactly what's working right now.

I'm going to pull back the curtain and give you a blueprint for growth based on proven industry success stories that I have personally been involved in.


Grow Big or Stay Home™ 

Randy Schwantz, CEO/Founder

The Wedge Group

Your Bulletproof Blueprint for Growth in 2021

If you want to double your agency right now -- This is one class you won't want to miss!

Here's what we'll cover ...

1)  Case Studies:  From small shops in small towns to mega shops, every agency is different.

2)  How to motivate your existing producers to go out and close more business.

3)  How to get your newbies signing BOR's within 120 days of hire. (True Stories)

4) How to hire reps that will validate on time or even early.

5)  This class is live -- make sure you bring a pen and paper to take notes, because we'll be answering your questions on the fly.


Tuesday, October 13th @ 12 pm CDT


*Bonus: Find out how these *aggressive* agency owners doubled their revenue... and how you can do it too