Normally $39.95

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Proven System To Grow Your
Commercial Insurance Agency

A Step-by-Step Blueprint You Can
Use To Transform Producer Potential
Into Agency Growth and Profit.

Proven System To
Grow Your 
Insurance Agency

A Step-by-Step Blueprint You Can Use To Transform Producer Potential Into Agency Growth and Profit.

Normally $39.95

FREE for a limited time!

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How We Help Agencies Grow


Strategy CRM™ is a sales tool built exclusively for independent commercial insurance agencies. It allows sales leaders to easily manage their team and see if they’re on track with growth goals. And it enables producers to prospect, sell and retain clients more effectively so they can write more new business.

Sales Training

Over 6,000 producers have been trained with our Wedge Sales Process™. Many producers say this is the most comprehensive and effective sales training in the industry because it’s the only proven technique that helps bust the incumbent relationship so you can win more new business (mostly through BOR).

Executive Coaching

We coach agency owners on how to be more effective leaders and managers. We give you the tools and blueprint to follow that will allow you to build a winning sales culture you can be proud of. We do this by taking you through our proven process shown below so you can become a high-growth agency.

What Agency Owners Say…

“This stuff works. Nothing good comes easy. However having a system and a process has helped us hit our goals. We’ve grown our agency value from $8M to over $20M in less than 4 years. That’s not BS. I have the agency valuations right here in my desk drawer… and sales training and accountability systems have been a HUGE part of it.”

Joseph Padula, Gencorp

“We met Randy in 1994 when he was fairly new in the business. We were a $4 million revenue shop then. Today, 2016 we’re a $160 million shop. I remember when writing $1 million new business was a big year. Then it went to $6 million in about 5 years. Our organic growth has averaged about 15% for over 20 years. It’s a remarkable story and it’s got Randy’s fingerprints all over it.”

Rusty Reid, Higginbotham & Associates

“After only 18 months, and less than $40,000 investment we have seen an $850,000 return, just better than 20:1. New business is up more than $700,000. We have also saved $150,000 in non-productive new producer salaries, letting them go much earlier than we would have previously. With the iWin training and pipeline management tools, we were better able to determine they wouldn’t make it.”

Aaron Gander, Henderson Bros

Books to Help You Solve Your Biggest Problems

The Wedge

The Wedge®: Get the book that revolutionized an industry. The Wedge by best-selling author, Randy Schwantz, shows Insurance sales professionals how to create the Wedge Sales Culture, establish a proactive services sales culture, and create “wedges” between you and the competition. A must read for anyone serious about sales.

Red Hot Introductions

Do You You Need More Appointments with Bigger Prospects and Hate Cold-Calling? Do you know the difference between a referral and an introduction? Industry best-selling author Randy Schwantz explains the difference and shows readers how to leverage client success to get in front of more qualified, quality prospects.

Agency Growth Machine

Build a Sales Culture in your agency and it will produce an amazing amount of wealth for both you and your producers. Forgo that effort, and you will struggle month to month to find your way. In this book Randy will reveal his proven system and help YOU take control of your destiny and build a true Sales Culture in your agency.

GRIT Find, Hire and Develop REAL Producers

GRIT digs into the psyche of a REAL producer and how you can determine that BEFORE you make the commitment, not after, saving $100,000's of lost producer payroll and overhead expenses.

It's for you if you've struggled to separate Producers from Pretenders, Winners from Losers, those who can and will Sell vs. those who only talk a good game.

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What Producers Say…

“I had 300 accounts worth about $300k in revenue. I followed Randy’s advice, gave up over 250 accounts, then focused on growth. 

4 years later I have $1,300,000. I have more than quadrupled my personal income.

Thank you for everything!”

Austen Lillies

“3 years into my insurance career I had 160 clients and a $300k book. Although I was successful I hit a wall and didn’t have the capacity to grow my book. At this time I went to one of Randy’s trainings and then joined his program. 4 years later I grew my $300k book to $1.2 million and have less than half the accounts I started with.”

Garrett Yates

“I attended my first iWin masterclass 4 years ago with no idea what I was stepping into. Back then my book was $600k. Since then I have more than tripled the size of my book. I have also greatly increased the size of the accounts I work on. I used to have a career goal of a $1M revenue book of business now I see $3M as a very attainable goal.”

Danny Stevens