What is the Wedge?

The concept behind the Wedge is simple: Leverage the unique value of your agency to drive a Wedge between your prospect and the incumbent — and get your competition fired without ever saying anything bad about them.



And while the idea is common sense, scaling from one-time, one-off sales success to an agency-wide culture shift isn’t so simple.

To implement a true Wedge sales culture you need tools to train, run great sales meetings, create accountability, identify & quickly onboard new producers.


It all starts with the iWin Agency Growth System.

iWIN: Stop Stressing and Start Winning

iWin equips agency owners to put a turbo booster behind producers and send production into overdrive.

After implementing this powerful three-part growth framework, you’ll start seeing motivated, confident and organized producers who sell.


So how does it work?

The iWin Trifecta

The iWin system is made up of three integrated parts: Leadership Training, Producer Training and an insurance-specific CRM technology built around the Wedge sales process.


You’ll quickly shift from a reactive organization to a proactive one, with a laser-focus on efficiency. You’ll streamline operations, have more productive sales meetings, and get real time visibility of producer
activity across the agency. More importantly, you’ll multiply your revenue while cutting your
workload in half.




iWin CRM™ is a sales tool built exclusively for independent commercial insurance agencies. It allows sales leaders to easily manage their team and see if they’re on track with growth goals. And it enables producers to prospect, sell and retain clients more effectively so they can write more new business.



Over 6,000 producers have been trained with our Wedge Sales Process™. Many producers say this is the most comprehensive and effective sales training in the industry because it’s the only proven technique that helps bust the incumbent relationship so you can win more new business (mostly through BOR).



We coach agency owners on how to be more effective leaders and managers. We give you the tools and blueprint that will allow you to build a winning sales culture you can be proud of. We do this by taking you through the proven iWin Process so you can become a high-growth agency.

Are you ready to put iWin to work for you?

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