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-Vinnie Hager, JGS Insurance

How We Help Grow Your Agency

Producer MRI

Learn which producers are both capable and willing to prospect and sell.

Growth Plan

Install repeatable processes and drive producer performance

Hire Producers

Add ambitious producers to your team

Discover how the iWin Agency Growth System has helped agencies double in revenue


When it comes to growing their agencies, many principals are dealing with underperforming producers and can’t figure out why. They struggle with finding new producers that – can and will, prospect and sell. The iWin Agency Growth System helps agency principals implement a framework to grow their agency.

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We know how hard it is to grow an agency and have helped over one hundred large and small agencies implement a growth framework. And when you implement this framework, your agency starts working for you, your producers are more confident, they sell value, win business and your agency grows.
The iWin Agency Growth System was developed by Randy Schwantz, creator of the EG5 framework. Randy has studied sales culture for decades and as such is fluent in the processes it takes to develop producers and grow revenue. He is the author of 7 books, the latest titled Agency Growth Machine.
He’s consulted with hundreds of agencies to help them grow their revenue. Randy isn’t a professor in an ivory tower. The EG5 framework was created so agencies could have a simple and concise framework to drive results. The most common result is new business goes up by 50-100%.
With the iWin Agency Growth System you will: 1. Analyze your production team to determine who’s capable and who’s willing to prospect and sell new business. This very process has eliminated the guilt and frustration for many agency owners when they learn it’s not their fault that many of their ‘producers’ aren’t producing. It also helpsidentify those that justify further investment in time and money. 2. Use the EG5 framework to implement your growth plan. We will also help you create a team to assist in implementing the plan so all the burden is not on your shoulders. 3. Grow your production team by hiring ambitious producers with the GRIT hiring system.
Everyone performs better when there is framework for success. It relieves the burden of guessing, and puts the focus on implementation. If producers are unsure about what you expect or confused about the ‘best’ way to do it, they will procrastinate. When you solve this problem, your agency will begin to grow. Agencies that implement growth frameworks consistently outperform their peers.
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“We didn’t have a plan to grow our agency. We were quoting small accounts, getting rolled half the time. We had no accountability and too many non-producers. With iWin, we have a plan, write bigger accounts, get more by BOR, have more accountability.”

Jon Sharp

“We were hiring like they did in the 80’s. If you like someone you made them an offer. Our success ratio was abysmal and it was expensive. Once we learned the GRIT hiring process, our success has skyrocketed”

Ben McDonald

“You’ll never grow by kidding yourself about ‘how good your producers are’. If good, you see money rolling in, if not…you are deluding yourself. When we joined iWin, it opened our eyes. We developed our plan and have never looked back. It’s working for us. ”

-Jeff Cooke


How much is it costing you to have unmotivated producers with low activity?How much is it costing you to have invisible differentiation? How much is it costing you to hire new producers that don’t make it?How much is it costing you to have virtually no accountability? What is it costing you to have almost ‘no-growth’?

How You Can Get Started

The first step to take is Requesting a meeting. Once you do that, here's how we'll help you.

Introductory Meeting

The introductory meeting is designed to ‘get to know each other’ and decide if, mutually, we want to invest time in the next step of evaluation.

Define Potential

Evaluate the performance gaps and putting a financial value on it for your agency.

Create Action Plan

Create a plan of action that you can implement to close the performance gaps and grow.

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