Bignition CRM was built specifically for you.

Most “cookie-cutter” pipeline CRM products are designed to help your producers become more productive, save time, and make more money … So why do they always seem to fall short?


The problem is that they aren’t built specifically for selling insurance.


The Bignition CRM, on the other hand, is built for you — it takes the concept of activity and efficiency to a whole new level with features you and your producers will actually want to use.


*Formerly known as the iWin CRM, but now rebranded with much BIGGER intentions.

Differentiation Toolbox

Pipeline CRM Management

Goal-Setting Management

On-Demand + Live Sales Training

Why Bignition is "more than just another pipeline CRM system"


Take a sneak peek at the only program with sales training, executive coaching, and a powerful CRM designed to take insurance agencies from “mediocre” to an “Agency Growth Machine.”

What Bignition Members Say

Are you an agency owner with 4-10 Producers ...

(and need to get some sleep at night?)