Tools and Training on "how to do it"
Organized so you can get it done

Most “cookie-cutter” pipeline CRM products are designed to help your producers become more productive, save time, and make more money… So why do they always seem to fall short?



The problem is most pipeline CRM's weren’t built specifically for selling insurance.



The Bignition CRM, on the other hand, is built for you — it takes the concept of activity and efficiency to a whole new level with features you and your producers will actually want to use.


*Formerly known as the iWin CRM, but now rebranded with much BIGGER intentions.

Bignition, Growth Simplified™


Built for Commercial Insurance Agencies

Differentiation Toolbox

Proactive Service Platform including the "Top 12 Money-Maker Wedges" used to win new business.

Pipeline CRM Management

Manage your Prospects & Customers with a streamlined workflow for Producers.

Goal-Setting Management

Private Producer Portal to manage your ability to make & save money on purpose.

On-Demand + Live Sales Training

Think of it like "Netflix for Sales Training" + live coaching sessions to reinforce the playbook.

Why Bignition is "more than just another pipeline CRM system"


Take a sneak peek at the only program with sales training, executive coaching, and a powerful CRM designed to take insurance agencies from “mediocre” to an “Agency Growth Machine.”

What Bignition Members Say

Are you an agency owner with 4-10 Producers ...

and need to get some sleep at night?