Bignition is both a CRM + Sales Training platform to grow middle-market commercial insurance.

Producers have 3 jobs:

1. Prospect to set appointments.

2. Sell and win the account.

3. Retain and keep it for life.

That's how you grow a huge book of business.

If that’s not happening at the pace you want in your firm, maybe it’s time for a change.



As a Leader, if you really want to get in control of your growth, you’ve got 3 things to do:

1. Train Producers to build skills.

2. Coach to perform under pressure, game time.

3. Develop beyond basic comfort zone.


When you do, your producers gain confidence, are more productive and never stop growing.

If you don’t have a ready-made set of tools to ‘get it done’, you could easily get bogged down in the process.


That is why Bignition was developed.


To help clear-minded Agency Leaders get a jump start on growing their agency.


Most CRM products are designed to help your producers become more productive, save time, and make more money… So why do they always seem to fall short?


The problem is none of them were built specifically for selling middle-market commercial insurance.


Imagine you had a CRM that is to agency growth, what the iPhone is to communications.

What if your CRM platform helped drive producer motivation, differentiation, prospecting, preparing to win, selling, retention and gave the ability to analyze failure and success? 

What if it was designed to help Leaders run sales meetings that prepare producers to win BOR’s, not get stuck in the ‘quote’ trap?  What if your CRM gave you a new producer hiring and onboarding system, inclusive of training?

The traditional CRM is the old paradigm, the old way of thinking.  It’s pipeline management and reporting. 

Ready for what’s new? 

Bignition, Built to Grow Middle-Market Insurance


CRM + Sales Training Platform, Growth Simplified

Hire New Producers

Imagine you had the skill to recruit and hire new producers with confidence. What would that do to your future?


Imagine having a partner to help you train your producers to be more effective at setting appointments, winning the business, and keeping it for life.


Most of us only play at 60% of our potential. What if you had the tools to develop your producers to play at 70-80%? What impact would that have?

More than a CRM, more than basic training, Bignition is an integrated platform - Growth Simplified.

What Bignition Members Say

If you are an agency owner with 4-10 Producers and you're curious how this might work for you ...