Hire, Train, & Develop your Insurance Producers to WIN

Bignition, simplified growth system built for independent commercial insurance agencies.

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Bignition, Growth Simplified

If you're an Agency Owner with 4-10 Producers ...

  • Bad Hires cost you $50-100K+ (and they drive you nuts!)

#1 You Can Hire New Producers Predictably

What would that mean for your agency?

If you had a Hiring System that gave you the power to hire new Producers with a 70-80% success rate ...

*The majority of your agency's growth over the next 10 years will come directly from your new hires.

  • Good Hires validate on time as projected (or even earlier)
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If they can do it ... so can you

  • Closing ratio  ~ 80%

  • Average size account grew from $2K to $20K 

Arthur Hall Insurance

  • Went from $4.8M to $14.9M in revenue

Hardenbergh Insurance

  • Went from $2.5M to $9.5M in revenue

Waites and Foshee

  • New Producer success went from 0 out of 4 to 4 out of 5 retention rate

CMB Insurance Brokers

Real agencies who grew big (after joining the program)

"It’s the only comprehensive sales management coupled with CRM support to support and dovetail with a sales process, specifically.

  • Producer #1 grew from $750K to $1.5M
  • Producer #2 grew from $600K to $1.0M
  • New Producer #3 grew from $0 to $300K 

Stop wasting your time and dollars on everything else!"

Dirk Fournier

President, Fournier Group

“We were a $4 million revenue shop when we first joined in 1994. Today, we’re a $291 million shop. 

I remember when writing $1M new business was a big year. 

Then it went to $6 million in about five years. Our organic growth has averaged about 15% for over 20 years. It’s a remarkable story and it’s got success written all over it.”

Rusty Reid

President, Higginbotham

We’ll bring the tools and coaching. You bring the drive and effort. And together, we’ll catapult you to the next level.

No pitch, no pressure.

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If not now ... then when?


Are you an Agency Principal or Owner stuck in the "Top Producers Trap?"

  • Most new business comes from you, and a few key players
  • Many of your core Producers are retired in place
  • Some of the newbies you hired aren't working out
  • There's not enough prospecting activity happening
  • You're not sure how to fix it

Hire REAL Producers

Develop MVP Producers

  • Retired in-place veterans
  • Newbies without industry experience
  • Completely un-coachable

Get a free 30-min Strategy Call and together, we'll map out your blueprint to grow.

And you want to average $50K+ new business per Producer, even if they're ...

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Hire New Producers 

Confidently hire newbies, and be right 70-80% of the time.

Train to Win BIG

Producers will hunt bigger accounts, and win more by BOR.

Manage Real Results

Real-time transparency (not opinions) into activity that moves the needle.

#2 You can get Above-Average Results from Average People with a Training System

When you put a Good Person into a Broken System, you end up with a "Broken Person."

Training Producers in traditional insurance selling methods focused on price, coverage, and service is sending them on a "suicide mission."

What would that do for your agency?

If you had a Training System that enabled you to transform average Producers to get above-average results ...

*Good Person + Broken System = Broken Person

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#3  You can drive more efficiency around Activity & Results when you have the data

The problem is your Producers can tell you anything, and it's impossible to verify what's really going on in the pipeline.

When you don't have a system giving you full transparency on the real data, you have no other choice but to believe them.  

What would that let you do?

If you had a Managing System that gave you instant transparency into activity & results ...

*"Spreadsheet Liars Club" sales meetings are non-productive, and kill the winning spirit.

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"We had ambitious goals, but no path to get us there before we learned about this system. Remarkably, our agency grew 39% since joining the program. 

Our average account size grew from $2,500 to $17,000. Today, our closing ratio is over 80%

Now that we have this system, we're able to illustrate what our prospects could be getting and we win."

Jim Denham

President, Arthur Hall Insurance

Can you really double your agency? 

Watch the video to see how this can work for you too.

*Hosted by Randy Schwantz -- "aka" the guy who wrote The Wedge: How to Get Your Competition Fired (Without Saying Anything Bad About Them)

Onboard your newbies faster with access to an on-demand Video Training Library 

*New videos added every week.

How to Train Insurance Producers to write over $115K in revenue by BOR (in less than 30 days)

Train to Win by AOR/BOR

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GRIT: Difference between a Good Hire vs. Bad Hire

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