What we're going to be talking about today is leadership and if you're a leader, here's what I want you to be thinking about, the difference between where your agency is today and where it will be tomorrow and deep into the future is in direct proportion to your ability to lead and develop your sales team.

So I think the key phrase there is ‘it's in direct proportion to your ability' and if you don't continue to develop your ability then your salespeople won't develop themselves and your growth is predictable. And so as we get into you developing your ability, I really want to get into some of the things from three of my heroes: Bill Belichick, Nick Saban and coach K.

I mean when you add them all together, there's over 15 plus world championships. I mean big time stuff and so I want to just do that quote for you one more time so that we set the tone for why we need to listen to Bill and to Nick and to coach K.

Hope you tune in to hear the rest… Listen below. Or click here to read a transcript.