Hey there everybody, this is Randy Schwantz. Welcome to another episode of Agency Growth Machine. I hired a marketing consultant to help me out and one of the assignments he gave me was to watch Simon Sinek do his TED Talk on Start with Why.

It made me go pull the book off my shelf again and as I'm reading through it, thinking through it, mapping it out just a little bit, here's what's kind of hitting me; what Simon does a good job of is comparing somebody like Apple to somebody like Dell. They're both computer companies. They both have all the capabilities in the world. They both have huge bank accounts. They both could be making amazing things, but Apple seems to trump Dell and other computer makers, like Lenovo in big ways. And why is that? Well, what he's saying is that Steve Jobs, who's the genius over there, has this kind of Why thing.

Hope you tune in to hear the rest… Listen below. Or click here to read a transcript.