Insurance Sales Training is the Mother of Skill Building

Insurance Sales Training is the Mother of Skill Building

The Wedge Group sales trainingTraining. Admit it, no one really wants to do training, particularly if you’re a seasoned producer. If you’ve been producing for five, 10 or 20 years, what is new to learn other than a few changes in law or coverage?

If your producers have already developed great skills in developing written service timelines on their accounts, then formal training would be a waste of time.  If your producers are actively working their clients for introductions into their very best prospects and have a full pipeline of quality opportunities, training would obviously be a waste of time.  If your producers are “killing the incumbent,” selling the majority of their accounts by AOR/BOR, getting massive leverage from the big investment your agency has made in competitive services, then there is simply no reason to waste a moment training.

For extraordinary growth in your agency, training is critical.

Here’s a problem worth considering, can you send someone to a two-day class somewhere and expect them to have the competence to excel? Probably not. And, if they don’t have the skills, they probably won’t have the confidence to take consistent action and you’ll get to deal with all of the excuses. So, pick your poison.

Deal with the resistance of training for skills, competence and confidence or deal with all the excuses associated with inactivity and ineffectiveness at putting revenue on the books.

Here’s some questions you might want to consider about training:

  1. Are your training objectives for your producers defined for the next three, six or 12 months?
  2. Does the curriculum really support your business process or playbook?
  3. Is your training scheduled?
  4. Does your entire team participate?

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