Show How You’re Better Than the Competition

Show How You’re Better Than the Competition

The Wedge Group, beating incumbentDifferentiating your company in the marketplace is one of the most challenging things you can do, because the belief system that you’re better than your competition is very ingrained. In fact, you might have better service, better people, better relationships with carriers, and better tools and resources, but your prospects probably have heard those things from any of the agencies they may be entertaining doing business with.

So what really differentiates you? Frankly, that’s a process that your company needs to go through, and iWin is there to help. Your real competitive advantages can be distinguished and integrated into the system so you’ll always be reminded about specifically where you are strong and your competitor is weak.

Tapping into these differences will give your entire organization the confidence and demeanor necessary to aggressively market your products to any prospect!

That means you can stop killing your margins (and your self-esteem!) by selling on price.

Plus, since iWin has The Wedge sales process at its core, you’ll be able to win sales from the incumbent agency simply by doing your homework and asking the right questions. In iWin these wedges are shown like recipe cards, which provide the necessary framework for proving your company’s distinct advantages to prospective customers. You can print out those cards and use them for your sales conversations – so meetings are on-track and on-purpose, and very likely to result in positive outcomes!

That translates to more money in your pocket!

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