Simple Motivation Formula for Insurance Producers

Simple Motivation Formula for Insurance Producers

Ever been afraid to set a big goal because you've failed at achieving it in the past?


Or does cold-calling a prospect give you instant anxiety because a stranger cussed you out on the phone once?

What about asking for a warm introduction from your best client . . . ever feel like you don't want to impose?

Listen, I get it. It's natural, and everyone experiences this feeling at some point. 

It doesn't matter if you're trying to figure out how to motivate your insurance producers — or just trying to motivate yourself to get to the next level.


the real problem is that your fears aren't very productive.


Which is why I've laid out a simple Motivation Formula for you to overcome this right now.

Because imagine being able to turn your fears into power.

Imagine having the power to hit those big goals, cold-call more confidently, and ask for introductions FEARLESSLY.

What would that let you do?

And if you know another Producer stuck in a rut or could use some inspiration — then send them this video too.

Because my only mission is to help people accomplish long term success personally and advance their careers.

The real question is how far do you want to take it?


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